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We are actively looking for people who would be interested in earning an extra income through helping people in their community improve their health. You do not need a background in health, nutrition or weight loss to become a Leader as comprehensive support, systems & training are provided. We are limiting the number of new Wellness Clubs in the next 6 months to a further 250, so if you are interested contact us now to find out more and ensure you are able to start your own Wellness Club in your area.

Here are more details on this opportunity: Career in Wellness?. Registration with our Marketing Group www.wellnessclubs.org means your details are added to our directories, including this one. To select your town, simply click it to check availability. If you don't see a town(keyword) that you would like to own, click here to make your suggestion. If we accept your town, it will appear on the page with your hyperlink. If we reject your word, your placement fee will be returned.  By choosing a key word you will receive: 1. Position on this directory for at least the next 3 years. 2. A Business Pack so that you can start your business. 3. A page on this web site Wellness Club Page  Contact us with any questions support@wellnessclubs.org 

Note -If you don't yet have a web site, when selecting your keyword use http://www.wellnessclubs.org and this will be changed later.

Wellness Clubs are organised by Herbalife Independent Distributors.


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